Talevation Partners with SHL

Talevation, the #1 provider of skills & behavioral talent assessments – supporting thousands of enterprise organizations and individuals, today announced their strategic partnership with SHL, a global leader in talent solutions.

Talevation® is excited to announce their new partnership with SHL®, a global leader in talent solutions. Talevation is working seamlessly with SHL to ensure that current customers receive the care and support they deserve, while also preparing them for a successful migration over time, to the SHL talent assessment solution.

Since their launch in early 2016, Talevation has specialized exclusively in marketing, sales, service and support of talent assessments. Through their innovative and value-add B2B and B2C business model, Talevation works successfully with thousands of great enterprise organizations, as well as schools, government agencies and individuals.

Scott Abbott, Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Talevation, noted, “We are thrilled to partner with SHL, and together ensure that our clients – past, present, and future – continue to receive the premier care, service and support they deserve. Furthermore, we are excited for our clients, that by us working together SHL, we will help them over time, ensure a smooth and successful transition from the current platform, to the SHL talent assessments solution. In addition, thanks to SHL’s 40+ years of talent expertise, cutting-edge assessments science, their unapparelled view of the workforce on a global level, and all of the awesome people at SHL – we are happy and enthusiastic to extend Talevation’s value-add through SHL’s extensive portfolio of software and services.

About Talevation: Headquartered in Carmel, IN since 2016 – Talevation is the #1 provider of skills and behavioral talent assessments used to identify, frame, validate, measure, prove and substantiate the fit and proficiency of potential and current employees. Talevation helps individuals and organizations of all sizes, take the guesswork out of their talent decisions: from hiring the right people, to career development, and employee engagement. Talevation supports thousands of organizations, schools, government agencies and individuals – that collectively administer over 100,000 individual skills and behavioral assessments, per month.

View this list of FAQ’s available for the market. Our clients will be transitioned to the SHL platform at the time of their renewal starting Q2 2020 so please look for more information from your account representative.

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