IBM Kenexa Employee Assessments

Leverage global content technology to evaluate & determine top talent

Employee Talent Assessment

IBM Kenexa Assess on Cloud is one of the industry’s largest and most powerful global content solutions available in the marketplace today – providing you with industry-leading tools and support to find quality candidates and maximize their performance. IBM Kenexa Assess is highly configurable, enabling you to quickly and easily create tailored assessments to measure what matters most in your organization.

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Higher Quality Candidates

Focus on the right candidates. Learn about their personal tendencies and  problem-solving ability.

Make Smarter Workforce Decisions

With analytic data at the fingertips, make smarter, fact-based decisions instead of leaning on instinct and intuition.

Accurately Anticipate Performance

Identify the leadership skills that match your corporate culture and maintain a healthy leadership pipeline.

Optimize Business Performance

Discover individual strengths and development needed to identify and grow potential leaders.

Kenexa Staff Testing

IBM Kenexa Employee Assessments features

  • Accurate performance predictions
  • Validated results and tests
  • Multiple-choice formats
  • Capacity and capability assessments
  • Detailed candidate profiles
  • Create a standardized, fair and valid process

Top Benefits for Talent Assessments

  • Finding the best quality hire
  • Sifting through large volumes of applicants efficiently and effectively
  • Reduce recruitment costs
  • Filling open positions quickly
  • Retaining the best and brightest
  • Building leadership pipeline
  • Accurately identifying top talent that has potential and will perform on the job
  • Understanding what top talent looks like and how to objectively assess against criteria for internal/external recruitment or restructure

Looking for Kenexa Prove It on the Cloud, Instead?

Talevation is your source for Prove It support, renewals, licenses and — when the time is right — upgrade paths to Assess. Prove It end-of-life was announced in 2016.  If you’re a current Prove It user Click here to learn more about what that means for your business.

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