Get Started on Assess in 3 Easy Steps

Let's Get Started With Our Quick 3-Step Process


First-up, we have 3 questions for you:

  1. Are you looking for the #1 Skills & Behavior Talent Assessments Solution, in the market today? (If so, you’re in the right place.)
  2. Does this solution need to help your organization accurately and confidently test, validate and ensure the right/best talent? (Then again, you’re where you need to be.)
  3. Finally, do you want to have this solution serviced and supported by the #1 most proven and experienced team in the industry? (Great news: we’ve got you covered there too.)


Next, we have the Top 10 Checklist:

If you were to ask our thousands of clients that we service and support – they would tell you that they chose us and our solution for the following Top 10 reasons and benefits (the very same that your organization can enjoy and leverage, as well):

  • Validating the best quality hires: efficiently and effectively
  • Sifting through volumes of applicants, with speed & accuracy
  • Reduce time and frustrations with hiring, and decrease costs
  • Developing, retaining, promoting the best talent for the job
  • Objectively assessing against your peers and common criteria
  • Create a standardized, fair and valid process (and defensible)
  • Detailed, precise and relevant candidate profiles and reporting
  • Cloud platform; mobile enabled, and available in multiple languages
  • 1400+ assessments; 200,000 cognitive, personality & behavioral items
  • Millions of assessments performed annually; 3,500+ happy clients

Now, if these questions and checklist resonates with you, then please keep going.


Finally, we have a 3-step process to help you understand the solution:

It’s simple and quick.  Follow the next 3-steps to decide if Talevation & IBM Assess is a fit for you.

Step 1: Please watch the 3-minute solution overview video.

Step 2: Next, watch the 13-minute solution demo overview video.

(To note, if you want even more solution demos, and accompanying documents for a “deeper dive” into the product – then visit our extensive Video & Documents Libraries).

Step 3: Contact your Client Success Manager.

Contact the Client Success Manager that directed you here, or if you haven’t been contacted by a Talevation Client Success Manager yet, just shoot us an email.


Thank you for your time and interest in Talevation and the IBM Skills & Behavior Assessment Solution.  We look forward to working with you, and being of service.

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