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We all know that people make the difference. Especially good and talented people. Empowering organizations to identify, validate, hire, develop and support great people – yields great results. Which is why choosing the best people for the right job – and accurately identifying and validating traits, skills, behaviors and fit – is crucial to the organization, and the individual.


Studies show engaged and developing employees, generate on average, 35% better results (for both the individual, and the organization). Ensuring you can effectively engage, develop, and support happy, productive employees, is critical to your collective success.  By utilizing talent assessments, we help you manage and improve individual and organizational performance.


Take the guesswork out of hiring, engaging, developing and retaining great talent. By applying proven, time-tested skills and behavior assessments, we bring precision to the human side of work. It’s about putting the best talent in the right roles, functions, responsibilities – to drive optimum business performance. And that’s how you build and inspire, a great workforce.

IBM Talent Assessments

IBM Kenexa Assess is a proven, expansive, trusted portfolio of skills and behavior assessments that identify, test, measure and validate personality traits, problem solving, competencies, as well as job, organizational, and cultural fit. Assessments are designed for all types of people and all levels of an organization. IBM Kenexa Assess, is the industry’s largest and most powerful global and mobile capable assessments solution, available in the marketplace today.

IBM Kenexa Assess helps you make precise, data-based hiring and promotion decisions, and remove the gut decisions from selection and workforce planning. Our assessments follow industry best-practices and regulation standards, so you can use them with confidence and know your results are not only reliable, but defensible.

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Staff Testing Talent Assesments

Talevation & IBM

Between Talevation and IBM - we understand that the best differentiator an organization has, is its workforce. We also know that hiring, developing and retaining the right people has always been, and continues to be, a challenge. Candidate selection can be slow, time consuming and imprecise. Hiring the wrong candidate, selecting the wrong leaders or developing the wrong talent, can be detrimental to the organization. On the other hand, selecting and developing the right talent means better engagement, improved time-to-productivity, lower turnover and greater success for the organization. Our goal is to help organizations take the guesswork out of their talent decisions, from hiring the right people, to career development, to leadership identification.

"Our company specializes in finding the best candidates (at the right time, place and price), for our national clients.  Thanks to our trusted relationship with Talevation and IBM, we have the resources, tools and support to help us identify, evaluate and determine the right people, for the right job."

Ryan S.

CEO, National Staffing & Recruiting
"Thanks to the individual and collective expertise, software and support we receive from Talevation and IBM - we are able to locate, assess, recruit, and service our aggressive hiring and promotion requirements.  Our relationship is great, and its been and continues to be a highly-valued and important partnership."

Monika P.

VP HR, Mid-Market Enterprise
"We are very happy and appreciate Talevation and IBM. It's great to have a partnership that provides us with the right mix of friendliness, empathy and industry knowledge - along with the comprehensive portfolio of software, services and solutions that help us optimize our new and current talent."

Kendra J.

Fortune 500 HR Director

Successfully serving 1000s of organizations

Workforce Development
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