Canadian Pick/Pack Assessment


Canadian Pick/Pack Assessment


The Pick/Pack test aims at assessing the test taker's ability to read and analyze varying styles of Pick/Pack slips. Topics covered include slip reading and comprehension, inventory calculation, location comparison, and data inference. This test is appropriate for anyone seeking a position in the Pick/Pack field.

Basic Industrial Skills, Matching, Counting, and Mechanical Reasoning are also available.


Total Questions 40
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Slip Reading and Comprehension
Data Inference
Inventory Calculation
Location Comparison
Tasks Tested Cross-Referencing Quantities and Locations
Cross-Referencing Quantities and Codes
Cross-Referencing Descriptions and Codes
Cross-Referencing Codes and Prices
Shipping Details
Order Details
Cross-Referencing Descriptions and Locations
Description Comprehension
Cross-Referencing Codes and Locations
Identifying Errors
Cross-Referencing Codes
Location Comparison