Pharmacy Technician Assessment


Pharmacy Technician Assessment


This is a custom test based on the Prove It! Dosage Calculation test assesses the skill level of the test taker by targeting such skill areas as the ability to calculate drug conversions, knowledge of clinical procedures in context of medications, knowledge of Pharmacology, as well as definitions and terminology related to the medical profession. There is also an element of medical laboratory knowledge and medical abbreviations.

Assessments for Registered Nurse and Medical Assistant are also available.


Total Questions 25
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Drug Calculation
Definitions and Terminology
Clinical Procedures
Medical Abbreviations
Tasks Tested Understanding Conversions - Dosage Comparisons
Understanding Drug Calculations - ml
Understanding Conversions - Number of Tablets
Understanding IV Dosage - cc/hr
Understanding Drug Calculations - Tablets
Understanding Drug Calculation - Liquid Administration
Understanding Drug Labeling - ml
Understanding Drug Dosage - cc/mg
Understanding Conversions - lbs/Kg
Understanding Conversions - mg/mcg
Understanding Conversions - cc/ml
Understanding Conversions - mg/gm
Understanding Conversions - tsp/cc
Understanding Pharmacology - Crushing Medications
Understanding Generic Drugs - Tylenol
Understanding Orders - Tablets
Understanding Medical Abbreviations
Understanding Calculations - Liquid
Understanding Abbreviations