Quicken 2013 Assessment


Quicken 2013 Assessment


This Quicken 2013 test has been designed to assess a test taker's knowledge and understanding of the Quicken software. Topics covered by this test include billing and payments, accounts, categories and transactions, reports and graphs, and general Quicken knowledge. This assessment is appropriate to administer to Quicken 2013 users with at least a year or more experience.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 40
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Accounts
Billing and Payments
Categories and Transactions
General Quicken Knowledge
Reports and Graphs
Tasks Tested Issuing Credits/Refunds
New Client File
Reconciling Accounts
Multiple Cash Accounts
Petty Cash
Create Cash Account
Account Updates
Creating Estimates and Invoices
Manual Payment
Online Account Transfer
Writing Checks
Accepting Payments
Customer Payment
Invoice Images
Transaction Register Errors
Changing Category
Adding Categories
Entering Credit Card Transactions
Automatic Updates
Clarifying Transactions
Entering a Credit Card Transactions
Changing Category Transaction
Cash Account Transactions
Setting Passwords
Accurate Financial Institution Information
Information to Enter for a Reminder
New Client Setup
Setting Up Alerts
Alert Functions
Profit and Loss Reports
Creating Graphs
Cash Flow
Standard Business Report
Business Report Generation