Reading Comprehension Assessment


Reading Comprehension Assessment


This Reading Comprehension test examines the test taker's ability to draw important information from written material. The material covered includes passages on an environmental cause, a medical procedure, stock market charts, legal regulations, corporate trends, science, and historical architecture. These topics were chosen to expose the test taker to a variety of writing styles. After reading each passage, test takers are then asked to answer questions based on what they have read. This test is designed to be administered to applicants for positions where the need for a demonstrated ability to understand written information is important.

Tests for Punctuation, Office Grammar and Spelling, Vocabulary and English as a Second Language are also available.


Total Questions 35
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Environmental Cause Passage
Corporate Trends Passage
Medical Procedure Passage
Speech Instruction Passage
Stock Market Passage
Legal Regulations Passage
Historical Architecture Passage
Science Passage
Tasks Tested Reading Comprehension