Visual Basic 6.0 for Applications (VBA) Assessment


Visual Basic 6.0 for Applications (VBA) Assessment


This test evaluates the taker's knowledge of the Visual Basic language as it is used in Visual Basic 6 IDE as well as in Microsoft Office and other applications. It focuses on functions, and objects, but also includes sections on operators, flow control, expressions, data access, and datatypes.

This test is intended for programmers and developers who develop in Visual Basic, whether as part of the IDE or another application.

Tests for Java II and .NET Programming - Visual Basic are also available.


Total Questions 36
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Data Access
Flow Control
Variables & Datatypes
Expressions & Statements
Tasks Tested Database Applications
EOF Definition
Best Practice
Executing a Connection
Closed Loops
Open Ended Loops
Exiting Loops
String Datatype
Variable Size
Assigning Values
Increasing Array Size
End of Expressions
Valid Expressions
On Error
Valid Function Names
Handling Strings
Sub vs Function
System Date
Optional Parameters
Handling Arrays
Pointer Parameters
Strings into Arrays
Objects vs Controls
Destroying Objects
With Statement
Object Properties
Objects vs Collections
Runtime Error Object
Object Creation
Mod Operator
Negation Operator
Exponent Operator
Operator Order
Multiplication Operator