WebSphere 4.0 Assessment


WebSphere 4.0 Assessment


The WebSphere Application Server is a cross-platform infrastructure, integrated with the servlet/JSP engine, and is a sophisticated interface sitting on top of a servlet engine. Version 4.0 of WebSphere is completely J2EE compliant and now allows for the creating of standardized web applications to be deployed as modules onto the Application Server. This test is intended to be a test of that system. All questions can be assumed to pertain to WebSphere 4.0 Advanced Edition unless otherwise specified. This test will measure skills and proficiency with WebSphere as well as the technologies it supports and implements.

Tests for Java Servlets and J2EE are also available.


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Total Questions 45
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Migration
Application Development
Multiple Machine Scenarios
Tasks Tested Communication HTTP Server to Application Server
Application Administration
Migrating Applications
Database Migration
Resource Types
Application Migration and Deployment
Standards Support
Application Deployment
Multi-Tier Applications
Servlet Extensions
Data Source Error
Classpath Resolution
MVC Architecture
Web Container
XML Recommendations
Updating JSPs and Servlets
Batch Compiling JSP
Servlet Configuration
Administrative Scoping
Setting Classpaths
Application Client Resource Configuration Tool
Application Installation
Hot Deployment
SOAP Administration
Sample Application Servlets
Deployment Descriptor
Application Configuration
Digital Certificates
Migrating Security
Certificate Management
Storage of Security Attributes
Security Attributes
Security Registries
Single Sign-On
Secure Socket Layer
Win 2000 Security
Authentication Methods
Maximize Performance With Multiple Servers
Load Balancing
Distributing Incoming Requests
Memory Efficiency In Multi-Machine Environment