XWindow Systems Assessment


XWindow Systems Assessment


The XWindow System test was developed to gauge the expertise level in XWindow programming. Areas covered include XWindows Architecture, Xlib Programming, Xt Programming, Widget and Toolkit Programming, Events, Resources, Translations and Standard X Clients.

Tests for Visual Basic and Java Programming are also available.


Total Questions 40
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Xlib Programming
X Windows Architecture
Widget and Toolkit Programming
Xt Programming
Standard X Clients
Tasks Tested Overall Xlib Knowledge
Debugging an XWindow Application
Determining the Correct Graphics Function
Overall X Knowledge
Pointer Control
Drawing to the Display
Selecting The Events a Window Receives
Connecting to the X Server
Creating Effective, Efficient and Correct Software
Deciphering a Display Name
Defining the Layers
Creating Translation Abbreviations
Creating Translations
Application Defaults File
Color Definition
Directing X to Resource Files
Creating a Resource Converter
Determining the Correct Font
Font Specification
Choosing X Visual Color Classes
Dynamically Changing Cursors
Pixmap / Bitmap Definition
Using X Visual Color Classes
Overall Understanding of Widget Classes
Overall Understanding of Widget Instances
Class Identification
Multiprocessing Within the X Framework
Multiprocessing Within the X Window Framework
Widget Control
General Event Knowledge
Listing Available X Fonts
Choosing a Window Manager