Higher Quality Candidates

Focus on the right candidates. Learn about their personal tendencies and problem-solving ability.

Accurately Anticipate Performance

Identify the leadership skills that match your corporate culture and maintain a healthy leadership pipeline.

Make Smarter Decisions

With analytic data at the fingertips, make smarter, fact-based decisions instead of leaning on instinct and intuition.

Optimize Business Potential

Discover individual strengths and development needed to identify and grow potential leaders.

Buy assessments online

With over 600 assessments available online, there's one for every candidate and job role. 

Talent optimization solutions that fit your business

Unlock your people’s potential with our innovative solutions.

  • Skills assessments

    In partnership with SHL, Talevation offers individual assessments available for sale on our website. For volume-based hiring, we offer SHL Enterprise. Learn more or contact sales for additional assistance.

  • Personality type discovery

    In partnership with TypeCoach, Talevation provides solutions to discover, coach, and team across various personality types. Learn more or contact sales for additional assistance.

  • Leadership and development

    Coming soon ... Virtual leadership and development designed to focus on aligning, developing, and retaining your people.

Success stories

Our company specializes in finding the best candidates (at the right time, place and price), for our national clients.  Thanks to our trusted relationship with Talevation and SHL, we have the resources, tools and support to help us identify, evaluate and determine the right people, for the right job.

SHL has been an outstanding partner over the years, enabling our talent assessment programs with innovative science-driven assessment tools, supported by knowledgeable industry experts that ensure bottom-line results.

Thanks to the individual and collective expertise, software and support we receive from Talevation and SHL- we are able to locate, assess, recruit, and service our aggressive hiring and promotion requirements.  Our relationship is great, and its been and continues to be a highly-valued and important partnership.