Call Center Retention [audio] Assessment


Call Center Retention [audio] Assessment


The Call Center Retention [audio] test aims at assessing the test takers ability to hear information and remember it. The scenarios herein reflect those that the test taker will experience in the call center environment.

This test is appropriate to administer to those working or desiring to work in a call center.

Tests for Call Center Listening Skills [audio] and Call Center Customer Service Survey are also available.


Total Questions 25
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Order Information
Gathering Data
Tasks Tested Gathering Specifics
Gleaning Information
Determining the Extent to Which Data May Be Applied
Identifying Callers
Drawing Conclusions From Information
Comparing Data
Gathering Information
Gathering Data
Order Specifics
Using Data
Retaining Information
Deducing Information
Gathering and Adding Information
Reducing Appropriate Reactions to Verbal Requests
Noting Information
Gathering Accurate Information
Drawing Conclusions From Data
Retaining Specifics