Proofreader Marks Assessment


Proofreader Marks Assessment


The Proofreader Marks test is suited for entry-level proofreading and copyediting positions. It consists of questions that focus on identification of proofreading marks as well as passages followed by a series of questions. This section requires individuals to apply their knowledge of proofreading marks to actual material.

Tests for Business Writing, Office Grammar & Spelling, and Punctuation, as well as Free Writing Sample Scenarios, are also available.


Total Questions 32
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Operational Marks
Typographical Marks
Operational and Typographical Marks
Tasks Tested Correct Item 4
Correct Item 2
Correct Item 5
Transpose Word
Equalize Spacing
Correct Item 1
Insert Letter Space
Correct Item 3
Insert Parenthesis
Insert Exclamation Point
New Paragraph
Analyze Item 6
Textual Correction vs. Commentary
Insert Period
Indent Text
Set Font Type
Upper vs. Lower Case
Set Font Case
Correct Item 6